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Tube Mill Ceramic Rolls - New Roll Manufacture

A Successful Material Replacement
Tube mill rolls
Control your rolling mill downtime
Gain miles of productivity
We’re committed to keeping you running
Forming non-ferrous tubing on a state of the art high production tube mill
Service Conditions
1. Forming non-ferrous tubing
2. Production Rate greater than 160 meters/minute
3. Twenty-four hour six days per week production
4. Scheduled maintenance every two weeks
1. Component availability only from a non-domestic source
2. Unscheduled downtime due to random chipping of the ceramic tooling
3. Tubing defects resulting from chipped tooling
4. Difficult technical communication with suppliers
1. Replace existing ceramic rolls with Accuratus sintered silicon nitride ceramic
2. Control precision manufacture of the rolls to maximize intrinsic properties of the ceramic
3. Maintain open communication for optimization
check Replacement material does not chip. Unscheduled downtime eliminated
check Wear of ceramic rolls after two weeks less than .0002” (5 microns)
check Production rate raised to over 144 miles (230km) of tubing per machine per day

Tube Mill Ceramic Roll Regrinding

Accuratus Regrinding Services
New & used rod mill rolls
A supplier of new and reworked components

A supplier dedicated to customer service

Regrind service on mill rolls
Service Conditions
1. High temperature guide rolls for non-ferrous rod mill
2. Guiding of copper rod from head end to back end of mill
3. Mill guides have large adjustment range
1. Rolls wear in contact with hot metal
2. New rolls are expensive
3. Metal rolls cannot be used due to contamination of product
1. Offered to regrind existing rolls to remove galling, adhered metal and worn areas
2. Mill guides easily adjusted to accommodate resized rolls
check Saved customer significant money and time
check Fast turnaround provided. Far faster than new roll fabrication.
check Critical geometries were recovered

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