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Ceramic Forming Dies for Metals

A Successful Material Substitution
Zirconia staking dies image
Control your staking operations
Throw away your lubricants
Simplify your cleaning

Staking aluminum captured fasteners on an automated staking press
Service Conditions
1. Cold forming aluminum fasteners
2. Production rates of over 100 forming operations per minute
3. Light lubrication provided
4. High speed staking operation results in high impact loads and high contact pressures during forming
1. Existing Tungsten Carbide tooling galls causing rejects and downtime
2. Mix of steel and aluminum in rejects prevents recycling
3. Existing carbide dies must be hand polished with diamond paste to remove galled aluminum and restore staking surface on die.
Replace staking dies with Accuratus yttria stabilized zirconia
check Galling eliminated
check Downtime significantly reduced; it is now a scheduled maintenance item during tooling change over
check Lubricant usage reduced easing cleaning operations
check Easily repolished when necessary using existing polishing techniques
Added Note
This substitution has also been made on staking dies for plated electrical connectors with the same dramatic results.


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