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silicon nitride mill roll imageCeramic Case Studies

Accuratus Corporation has solved problems and supplied components to customers since 1977. The case studies we are showcasing here illustrate some of our capabilities and show some of the tangible benefits our customers have reaped from their relationship with us. Why not give us a try? We can help you!

Successful Material
Aluminum Forming Dies
Zirconia staking dies image Application: staking aluminum captured fasteners on an automated staking press.
Results: staking operations controlled; lubricants elliminated; cleaning simplified. More...
Successful Material Replacement; Regrinding Services
Tube Mill Rolls
New tube mill rolls
Application: forming non-ferrous tubing on a state of the art high production tube mill.
Results: control of rolling mill downtime; miles of productivity gained. More...
New&used rod mill rolls Application: regrind service on mill rolls
Results: saved customer significant money and time; fast turnaround provided. Far faster than new roll fabrication; critical geometries were recovered. More...
Successful New Product Development
High Energy Laser Reflectors
Accuflect laser reflector image Application: diffuse laser cavity reflector for solid state lasers.
Benefits: Thorough assessment of your application; extensive resources committed to develop products that meet your special requirements; access to world-renowned expertise. More..
Successful Redesign
Fiber Optic Splicer
Fiber optic splicer image Application: optical fiber fusion splicer.
Results: designs simplified; product performance improved; cost of ownership lowered. More...
Successful New Material Infrared Furnace Reflectors
furnace reflector photo Application:  Solar Cell Furnace
Results:  better product at lower production cost More
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