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A Successful New Product Development
Accuflect pump chamber reflector image
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Diffuse laser cavity reflector for solid state lasers
Service Conditions
1. Water cooled and air cooled laser cavities
2. High energy light sources emitting significant ultraviolet light
3. High repetition rates
4. High reflectivity necessary to overcome system losses
1. Existing polymer reflectors failed catastrophically after short use
2. Existing ceramic reflectors reflected poorly at critical laser pump wavelengths
3. Impervious surfaces were needed for liquid cooled cavities
1. Developed a ceramic reflector with enhanced optical properties for dry cavities. (See the B6 reflectance diagram below).
Accuflect B6 Laser Cavity Total Reflectance (Unglazed Ceramic)
2. Jointly developed a high optical efficiency glaze system with Rutgers University Department of Ceramics for the ceramic reflector as an improvement over the porous reflectors used in wet cavities. It was specifically developed to solve existing reflector lifetime shortcomings and for enhanced wet cavity performance. (See the G6 reflectance diagram below).
Accuflect G6 Laser Cavity Total Reflectance (Glazed Ceramic)
check High power, small size laser heads with excellent output beam profile uniformity are now available
check Significant lifetime improvements
check High optical efficiency maintained over the life of the product
check Catastrophic failures of diffuse cavities eliminated
check Cost savings over common specular reflectance metal laser cavities


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We have tested….pump reflectors in our lasers.  Test shows very        good light efficiency, 10-15%         better than … pump reflectors.       …your product quality as very       good and we are going to order     pump reflectors at your company   again.   -A. Tarasov







I received the ceramic reflector … you produced for us….  Regarding the mechanical structure of the reflectors I found … is really good.  … I observed an increasing in the energy emitted from the system…  - F. Margheri