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Accuratus Standard Ceramic Products

Accuratus Corporation inventories materials for fast delivery of specialty materials and commodity ceramics.

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Accuratus is a supplier of Macor® machinable glass- ceramic, a unique material developed by Corning Incorporated. Visit the Macor® pages for information on available sizes, fabrication techniques and its unique properties. If you have a rapid prototype requirement, need precision ceramic components or need the superior material properties of Macor, be sure to contact us. Accuratus not only stocks the raw material, we offer precision fabrication services and applications assistance for you. Put us to work for you today.

Accuflect® is a highly reflective diffuse reflector in the visible and infrared wavelengths. This unique and proprietary material was developed by Accuratus personnel to meet the demanding requirements for high energy laser reflector cavities and as a high temperature reflector material. Learn more about Accuflect® here.

Accuratus can supply a variety of hard-fired ceramic tubing and rod for high temperature, high vacuum applications. While it is not machinable, it is reasonably priced and can be custom cut by Accuratus with short lead times. Need tubing or rod stock in a hurry? Check the available sizes then call for a quick response.

Be sure to visit the other sections of our web site. Learn about our Custom Fabrication and Services and how WE CAN HELP YOU! If you are new to ceramic materials, learn more about them in the Materials section and the Design Notes section. When you are ready to do business with us, check out the Working Together section.

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