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Ceramics in Scientific Instrumentation

Ceramic components are widely used in scientific apparatus. Accuratus supplies a diverse range of products to analytical instrument manufacturers, end users and the secondary replacement component markets.

Many ceramic compositions are supplied depending upon the service conditions encountered in the application. Examples of ceramics typically found in these applications include aluminum oxide, boron nitride, beryllium oxide, Macor, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and zirconia. Of course, in very unique applications, specialty compositions can be supplied.

Ion source image
Image courtesy of Physicon Corporation

Some of the ceramic  applications we provide:
Filament Supports
Electromagnetic lens supports
Gas chromatograph components
Plasma envelopes in atomic absorption instruments
High voltage insulators
  Power Supplies
  X-ray instruments
  Electron Microscopes
High temperature supports
  Ion beam guns
  Sample holders
  Thermocouple protection
  Specialty wire wound furnaces
Specialty thermal insulators
Specialty thermally conductive components
Coil supports
Vacuum breaks

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