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Adhesive Joining MACOR® MGC

Surface Preparation
1. Roughen surfaces with 150 to 320 (US) grit abrasive.
2. Rinse off dust residue.
3. Clean with an alkaline cleaning solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol/water mixture to degrease.
4. Rinse in deionized water.
5. Dry at 100°C (212°F) for a minimum of one hour.
6. Apply adhesive or primer as soon as possible after cleaning.
Adhesive Application
1. Apply in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Epoxies, urethanes and cyanoacrylates all perform well.
2. Apply uniform pressure until adhesive is set. Apply heat as required by the adhesive supplier.
3. Silane coupling agents can be used as a primer to improve adhesion if necessary. These are especially beneficial when bonding in high humidity environments.
Joint Design Hints
1. Design joints for pure shear with uniform stress distribution across the joint. Cleavage and peel stresses due to bending should be avoided.
2. Lap Joints
  — Simple lap joints can result in cleavage and peel under load.
  — Joggle laps improve the stress distribution across the joint.
  — Double butt lap or double scarf lap joints further improve resistance to bending.
3. Angle Joints
  — Grooved joints (dado joints) offer good resistance to peel and cleavage.
  — L joints are fair.
  — T joints have good resistance to non-uniform joint stresses.
4. Butt Joints
  — Straight butt joints have poor resistance to cleavage and should be avoided.
  — Tongue and groove or scarfed joints are superior.

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