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Accuflect® IPL Reflectors

The IPL source is a light based therapy used for several dermatological procedures.  It is a lower cost, fast and efficient alternative to laser based light therapies.

Glazed Accuflect® G6 light reflecting ceramic IPL reflectors are optically, dimensionally and thermally stable in the  high energy pulsed flashlamp environment.  The reflectors are  also impervious to the liquids used to cool the flashlamp head assembly.  These characteristics improve the long term stability of critical therapy parameters including output energy and output spectrum.

The diffuse reflectance of the Accuflect® G6 helps to homogenize the light field helping provide an uniform dose of light energy.

Benefits of Accuflect® G6 for Intense Pulsed Light applications include:

  • Tolerance to high energy light emission
  • Impervious to liquid coolants
  • Long term dimensional stability
  • Thermally stable
  • Long term maintenance of reflectance characteristics even with exposure to the intense light output from xenon flashlamps
  • High effficiency reflectance
  • Highly diffuse reflectance.
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